ZisBoomBah Wins!

Information for Parents

How We Help Create Healthy Meals for Kids

Simplicity and convenience. Let your kids take care of the menu, and we will provide you with the nutritional value and healthy recipes! We will also provide saving tips and discounts, where available, to get you the best nutrition at the best value!

Gives your kids a voice. ZisBoomBah is a system that lets your child be more involved in the family meal planning process, and then helps you make their plans a reality. This means that you’ll have to plan less, so dinnertime can include more family time. Studies show the more involvement your kids have the healthier they are!

Open family communication. ZisBoomBah will help you and your family in the kitchen and keep you talking with your children and the Zisboombah Community of experts, parents and of course Zis, Boom, and Bah! You can receive requests and messages from your whole family, and then send replies right from your very own ZisBoomBah interactive dashboard.

Nutrition. The whole family will be able to learn about food and nutrition as they drag and drop foods. Our fully featured nutritional database has essential information about all sorts of foods. This includes basic nutritional information, serving sizes, and fun facts. It also includes recipes, recommendations, and where applicable, access to local sales and exclusive coupons.

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