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Information for Parents

ZisBoomBah - Discover Nutritional Family Food


ZisBoomBah is an interactive and educational site designed for both you and your children. Aimed toward providing a better understanding of health awareness, ZisBoomBah allows your child to create their very own nutritional family meals, but also keeps Mom and Dad in the loop!

Pick Chow! is a meal planning tool that enables your child to get creative with their meal time decisions, all while keeping its nutritional value in check.

Speaking of nutritional value, our “Add It Up” tool tracks the nutritional value of their personalized meals, so they realize exactly what they might need more or less of to balance their meal!

ZisBoomBah is comprised of an extremely trustworthy, and knowledgeable staff! These fantastic folks include experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, childhood obesity, production, and moderating for keeping your child’s experience safe and fun! Learn more about us.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that the family is first and everything on ZisBoomBah is focused on the key question – “Is this in the best interest of the family?”
  • We believe there are no “forbidden” foods. Criminalizing food creates negative relationships and sets us all up with unhealthy emotional issues with foods.
  • We believe that all foods in moderation with portion control will create a healthier family and reduce power battles.
  • We believe that families can eat healthy foods that are cost effective and simple to prepare.
  • We believe we have the team you can count on to engage and motivate your family in creating a healthy lifestyle!
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