ZisBoomBah Wins!

Information for Parents


Is Creating Kid Friendly Meals a Battle in Your House?

Let us help. ZisBoomBah is a new, exciting, hands-on website that allows children to take control of meal time, and pick their own chow! Children create their own healthy meals through our fun Pick Chow! game. They can then share those meals with you to get involved in the meal planning process!

Explore these fun meal-planning ideas with Zisboombah!

  • Discover new, tasty foods that kids will gobble up – all with valuable nutritional information!
  • When your child finishes building their meal, they can share it with you!
  • Make meal time an event! Kids will be excited to let you share in the fun!
  • Kids love “Meal of the Week”! If every health parameter is met, your child could earn the opportunity to have their very own meal featured on ZisBoomBah.com!
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