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Kids earn points by completing goals, adventures and making meals

Kids can personalize their Antvatar! The more points, the more they can buy Antvatar items.

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Kids have fun and learn about healthy foods and fitness with our printable activity pages!

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I really enjoyed this activity and would love to experience some of the games with my daughter. She loves to dance so I think ill give dance freeze a try!

D. Johnson

I appreciate the great advice you share with us mothers. I now have new ideas to keep my children active and healthy.


This program is fantastic for getting and keeping children interested and educated in what better choices would be for best health and sound bodies. The fact that you can make another choice is huge! I can use it for myself and makes my own diet menus much easier for me. I will certainly spread the news! Thank you!

D Omans

Thanks so much for the news of my child's meal design being chosen "meal of the week!" she will be so excited to hear this!


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