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ZisBoomBah’s Wellness Program Offers Families:

  • Nutrition
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Fitness
  • Interative Gaming

Motivate your families to live healthy

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Step 1

What Group Type are you?

  • - Corporate Wellness for Families
  • - Community Groups
  • - Schools
  • - Company trying to educate families
  • - Medical Practices

Step 2

Choose your Program

  • - E-Book
  • - Healthy Living Adventure
  • - Printed (distribute at location)
  • - Boxed (mailed monthly to families)
  • - Customized

Step 3

Set-up and Launch!

  • - Create your Group
  • - Share Program with Group members
  • - Launch and Empower Families
  • - Watch them learn!

Get Started Today

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Take an Adventure with Zisboombah

Children are encouraged to complete fun, engaging quests where they star as the heroes. Along the way, they earn new powers with every completed Adventure, and also earn points that can be used to personalize their Antvatars. Group managers receive a toolkit to launch and run the programs. And importantly, parents receive fun, relevant packets so they can learn along with their children!

Our Programs - Zisboombah
Corporate Wellness - Zisboombah

ZisBoomBah has family wellness programs for any budget.

Empower your families with:

  • - Instant access to our Healthy Living E Book Series
  • - Fun interactive Adventures
Company Education - Zisboombah

Your company can engage children and their families with healthy living adventures customized around your products and your message.

Community Education - Zisboombah

Keep your members engaged in healthy living even when they are apart! ZisBoomBah integrates healthy living adventures with your programs and goals.

School Programs - Zisboombah

ZisBoomBah partners with schools to enhance healthy living initiatives. Empower your grade school children to be a healthy hero!

  • - Instant access to our Healthy Living E Book Series
  • - Fun interactive Adventures
  • - Customized Programs
  • - Leader Guide Books
Medical Program - Zisboombah

Bring healthy living into your medical office.

Empower your patients to have fun with ZisBoomBah's:

  • - Parent and Child Activity Books
  • - Monthly Newsletters
  • - Downloadable and printable activity sheets for kids
  • - Tailored to your specific practice area: nutrition and fitness overall or focused on eyes, teeth, skin, heart, bones, and brain.

Learn about ZisBoomBah's Wellness Programs for Families


You can participate  as a ZisBoomBah Group and take advantage of our nutrition, fitness and self-esteem building programs for children.  This first of its kind program brings healthy choices to life by weaving real-life activities into the fun, interactive elements of gaming.  These programs come alive with kids and parents alike, motivating them to move toward healthier living.  We roll up story telling, quests and missions into an Adventure that is memorable and effective!

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